Is Rooting Your Phone Safe ?

Do all the controls of your phone device in your hand excites you? As soon as you get your new mobile device, you will get down to update and install the software. But this is possible only to the extent the manufacturer allows you. Rooting phone is breaking the restrictions for the Android users and allow them to dive deeper into the phone’s sub-system.

Imagine if you get the privileged access to the roots of your mobile, how exciting that would be. In simple words, you will surely not have any limitations forced onto your handset. There are a lot many applications on the phone that are pre-installed, but unwanted. The users can uninstall them after making sure that it will nowhere impact the functionality of the device.

Sometimes rooting the phone can affect the security of the phone. Before we get into the details of rooting the phones, we should get into the details of a few terms and conditions.

Rooting: It refers to having an access to your device that gives an enhanced privileges to run a few apps like Wireless Tether.

ROM: It refers to the modified versions of Android. With the help of ROM, you can have access to the extra features, a different look, speed enhancements or any version of Android that has not been released yet.

Brick: To brick your phone is to break it during any act and then it remains of no use to it.

Bootloader: Unlocking the Bootloader doesn’t root your phone directly, but it allows you to root the phones.

Is Rooting Phone Safe or not?

Sometimes, rooting the Android phone can introduce malware to the device during the process. So before you start, just check whether you got the anti malware software on the phone or not. These malware can put data at risk and can get a reach to the personal information like email, contacts, other credentials and passwords.

To avoid such a situation, it will not be sufficient to have anti-theft or anti-malware on the rooted devices.

Once, rooting the phone was not at all legal which now is. Rooting a phone involves flashing an RUU, SBF or something that can return the phone to truly stock settings.

Who can root the phones?

All those who do not like being rooted can try this.

What will happen if you root your phone?

If you unlock the boot-loader to root the phone, it will void the warranty on your phone. The speed of the phone will not always increase, but there are other twist with which you can play.

What is the need to root the phones and keep the phone security at stake?

Get the hidden features and Install Incompatible Apps: Sometimes the features and applications that are provided by the Android phone companies, are simply not sufficient. Rooting can help you to install carrier blocked apps, gets latest features from the Android platform and others.

Speed up your phone and boost its battery life after you root the phone.

You can block the ads by rooting your phone.

Rooting can help you to remove the pre-installed crap-ware that eats your battery.

You may truly own your device by simple rooting procedure. Rooting is also the bypass of the Apple prohibitions that gives you access to the Apple iOS.

Rooting deals into modifying or deleting files, removing pre-installed applications. All those who uses the iOS rooting they can get everything visually changed from color of the icons to the boot animation. The users can have the control of the kernel to overclock and underclock the CPU and GPU according to your own choice.

How do you root the device?

The process of rooting depends majorly on the device that involves killing the security threats in the firmware. Once the process completes, you can easily re-install the apps.

With the online digital marketing, companies have launched several apps for rooting the device. You may not need the personal computer always. Just by downloading the application, you get to open the network sockets and access information about the networks. The basic requirement will be of an internet connection.

If you are not sure, please refer to the link that guides you to the ways and procedures to root your phone. Rooting an Android phone allows you to completely remove the entire operating system.The root users can access their flash memory chip on the device.

Rooting in other words grants the users what is known as the “Superuser” permissions.


Why do we think that Rooting is better than Unrooting the Phone?

Rooting phone gives you a bunch of mod options which you can’t get otherwise. Rooting provides a ton of customization on the Android platform.  There are a lot many things that we can change with the rooting like a launcher, keyboard and much more to our liking. With the rooting option, you should be careful of what do you want to do.

More often people call rooting as a risk free option to customize the phone the way you want to treat it. But this may not be the case always unless you perform the regular backups. Check the device on which you want to try the rooting. Some of the phones like Nexus will just break the rooting and make it impossible for you to backup, wipe or restore things.

Rooting phone always demand the highest level of personal responsibility. However there are very meager probabilities of nothing going wrong. Sometimes rooting your phone will void the warranty.

The rooting phone can also mean tethering the application that improves the battery life, flashing an Operating System, installing a dozen customization tweaks, and changing as much as you want. The overall responsibility lies in the hand of the mobile users only.

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