Ransomware Attack Hits Navi Mumbai Hospital

The MGM Hospital in Vashi, Navi Mumbai has said its system fell prey to a ransomware attack on Sunday night.

A hacker locked data in the hospital’s computer system and sent a web link demanding a ransom in bitcoins to unlock it. MGM hospital’s management system coordinator Ramnath Parmeshwaram filed a case under the IT Act’s sections 43 and 66 with the Vashi police.

Administrator of the hospital, P.K. Shashankar described the whole attacking scenario. “Your system had been hacked” was the message that popped on their system. And to retrieve the hospital’s data the hackers demanded bitcoins. They(hackers) provided an email address but the Administrator should not write to them and should not file an FIR. Shashankar then added, that his technical team is working on retrieving the data and there is no financial loss.

Another case reported in Kharghar earlier on July 4. The Hotel Three Star which fell victim to ransomware and received a message seeking $400 and 0.06 bitcoin. Hackers hacked 80 GB of hotel’s data. The Kharghar police registered a case of extortion and as well as an IT Act.

According to the DCP, Crime Branch, Tushar Doshi, the hackers were either a different people or the same person operating in two different ways. In the Kharghar case, the link directs to a Telegram account and there is a ransom demand. While in the Vashi case the miscreant has used an AOL account and expected an email from the hospital to make a deal.

Credit: TheHindu

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