Malvertising Chain Steals Confidential Information with GandCrab Ransomware

A new malvertising chain that uses multiple payloads to steal confidential information from the victim’s machine and to encrypt their files with GandCrab Ransomware.

Threat actors using the Fallout exploit kit, a utility program that designed to exploit vulnerabilities in ports, software and to deploy backdoors in vulnerable systems.

Malwarebytes security researchers observed a threat actor using the Fallout exploit kit to distribute Vidar information stealer and the secondary payload as GandCrab ransomware.

GandCrab uses several entry vectors:
  • Remote desktop connections with weak security or bought in underground forums
  • Phishing emails with links or attachments
  • Trojanized legitimate programs containing the malware, or downloading and launching it
  • Exploits kits such as RigEK and others

The goal of GandCrab, as with other ransomware, is to encrypt all or many files on an infected system and insist on payment to unlock them. The developer requires payment in cryptocurrency, primarily DASH, because it complex to track, or Bitcoin.

Malware Byte

The malware identified as Vidar has stealer capabilities and it can be customized based on the threat actors requirements.

Researchers noted that Vidar is available for Sale, a single license cost $700, along with usual credit card numbers and passwords stealing capabilities it includes capabilities to steal passwords form digital wallets.


Vidor Pro Stealer

Once the Vidar executed in the client machine it will search for the data specified in the profile configuration and if it founds the relevant data then it immediately sends the data back to C2 server via an unencrypted HTTP POST request.

It steals the following system details that include specs, running processes, installed applications, victim IP address, country, city, and ISP. Then it stores the data in the information.txt file and sends back to the attacker.

After extracting the information from a client machine, Vidar loads the secondary payload via its command and control server.

“Within about a minute after the initial Vidar infection, the victim’s files will be encrypted and their wallpaper hijacked to display the note for GandCrab version 5.04.”

credits: GBHackers

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