Phishing Attack Leaked Data of 1.5 lakh Bank Customers

Data from 1.5 lakh bank customers leaked via a phishing attack.

With data on more than 1.5 lakh customers of seven banks across 13 states leaked to online fraudsters, the cyber cell of city crime branch is tracking down the mastermind of the racket, Samir Khan. Cyber cell sources said they are close to nabbing him and a big racket of cheating credit card and debit card users are likely to emerge.

Cyber cell officials said bank officials from seven banks will come to the cyber cell office on Monday to help police identify the moles who have allegedly leaked customer data to Samir Khan, a resident of Delhi.

On August 31, city crime branch arrested Prakashchandra Kishan Singh (24), Pooja Jadhav (21) and Kirti Saikya (23) of Delhi, who were calling people in thirteen states – Gujarat, Jharkhand, UP, Delhi, Rajasthan, Bihar, Punjab, MP, AP, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Chandigarh – on the pretext of “verifying credit and debit cards”.

“Kriti would use the name ‘Himanshi’ and pooja called herself ‘Aditi’. They would convince people to give them the one-time password (OTP) that would be sent to customers’ mobiles to ‘activate the card’. They would use the OTP to steal money using the credit or debit cards,” said DCP cyber cell Rajdeepsingh Jhala.

Inspector V B Barad said the fraudsters managed to get customer data of more than 20,000 people from Ahmedabad alone. “The racket has shaken the bank too. They have formed their own investigation teams, to identify the source of the leak,” added Barad.

In-charge ACP of the cyber cell, J S Gaddam, said the fraudsters made a fake shopping website linked their bank accounts.

“After using money from the credit and debit cards to fill a digital wallet, they would use the wallet to make purchases on the fake website and the money would get transferred to the account linked to the website,” said Gaddam.

Jhala said they are in touch with police of various states to track down Samir Khan, the alleged kingpin of the racket. “We are in the process of registering FIRs as more and more people are coming forward to lodge complaints,” he said.

Credit: The Times of India

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