FBI Warned Private Industry partners of incoming Cyberattacks against the US automotive industry

“The FBI assesses the automotive industry likely will face a wide-range of cyber threats in the near future. Internet-connected vehicles and autonomous vehicles collects vast amount of data. Which become a highly valued target for nation-state and financially-motivated actors.”

Financially motivated and state-backed actors taking on more targets

The automotive industry is facing an increased barrage of incoming malicious attacks and threats. As per the report given by FBI, wide range and large quantity of information it collects becomes progressively more valuable for threat actors.

Autonomous and Internet-connected vehicles collects extensive amounts and varied types of information on daily basis. The servers which stores this data will allow potential attackers to get their hands on the huge trove of data via phishing and brute-force attacks.

However, besides the bad actors getting away scot-free with sensitive data, this industry is also facing other types of threats. These attacks are not limited to data destruction, ransomware attacks and persistent unauthorized access to their enterprise networks.

The agency says that phishing and brute-force attacks against automotive industry entities from the U.S. have already successfully compromised several organizations and companies during 2019, as CNN also reported.

Source: bleeping computer

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