How Facebook steal your data for advertisement | Things you should know

We all know about the Cambridge Analytica case and how they have used Facebook to steal data from millions of users and now Facebook is in trouble well. Mark Zuckerberg is in trouble along with his company and invested money on Facebook.

What if I say Facebook is still using your data for advertisement?Mr. Mark Zuckerberg

Yes, that is correct, Facebook makes money from users. Facebook users are not the consumers but in reality, they are the product. Advertisers put the advertisement on Facebook because we use Facebook and while talking to our friends and posting status we also see their advertisement and this is how Facebook makes money from advertisers.

Well, how do advertisers know that user might show interest in their products?

Facebook to steal dataFacebook tracks your likes or dislikes, Facebook user activities and accordingly shows advertisement related to users activities and interests.

For example, if a user likes mobile phones and gadgets and the user is following some Facebook pages related to technology or other tech stuff. Facebook knows this fact very well & shows the advertisement accordingly.

Now whenever, any tech-advertiser publishes the advertisement on Facebook there are huge chances that user will get those advertisements on his homepage or timeline. These advertisements are targeted advertisement which is based on the targeted audience.

Final note: Facebook uses your likes or dislikes to show an advertisement to users. It’s unethical to share user’s interests or likes without their permission. Information such as the user’s personal and family details should not be shared with anyone at any cost.


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