Dangerous Android Malware Targets 232 Banking Apps Including AXIS, HDFC, and Many More…

A new Android banking Trojan identified targeting more than 232 mobile banking apps and major Indian banks mobile app.

The malware detected by Quick Heal as Android.banker.A2f8a. It is distributed through third-party stores via a fake flash player app and through the play store.

It’s targeting Banking apps, Cryptocurrency apps and other financial apps that belong to Amazon Shopping, Airbnb, Poker Stars etc.

Malware designed as like any another banking malware and it has the following capabilities.

  • Display an overlay of legitimate apps to steal credentials.
  • Uploading contacts lists and SMS to MAlicious C&C servers.
  • Hijacking SMS(checking for responses)
Android Malware Infection

If the app installed it throws successive popups until it gets admin rights, even if the user kills the process. Once it obtains permission form user it hides the app and carries out malicious tasks.

It checks for the targeted apps in the phone and if it finds any targeted apps it shows the fake popup on behalf of the targeted banking app and if a user clicks on it then shows a fake login screen requesting login details.

According to Quick Heal researchers, the malware is capable of performing following commands from the C&C server.

Send_GO_SMS Send an SMS
GetSWSGO Collect all SMS from the device
nymBePsG0 Upload list of contacts to a malicious server
telbookgotext Send SMS to all contacts with the text from its command
StartAutoPush Show fake notification
RequestPermissionInj ACCESSIBILITY Permission
RequestPermissionGPS GPS Permission
killBot Set all URLs null in Shared Preferences
getIP Upload location to a malicious server
ussd Send a USSD request


It shows a fake notification with title “Urgent message!” & text: “Confirm your account” if the user clicked on the notification it takes to the login page. Also, the malware silences the phone, hijacks SMS for OTP details and capable of send SMS. Quick heal published the Technical analysis.

List of Mobile banking Apps that targeted in India

axis.mobile (Axis Mobile)
sap work.hdfc (HDFC Bank MobileBanking)
sbi.SBIFreedomPlus (SBI Anywhere Personal)
hdfcquickbank (HDFC Bank MobileBanking LITE)
csam.icici.bank.imobile (iMobile by ICICI Bank)
snapwork.IDBI (IDBI Bank GO Mobile+)
idbibank.abhay_card (Abhay by IDBI Bank Ltd)
com.idbi (IDBI Bank GO Mobile)
idbi.mpassbook (IDBI Bank mPassbook)
co.bankofbaroda.mpassbook (Baroda mPassbook)
unionbank.ecommerce.mobile.android (Union Bank Mobile Banking)
unionbank.ecommerce.mobile.commercial.legacy (Union Bank Commercial Clients )

Some Popular Targeted Shopping Apps

amazon.mShop.android.shopping (Amazon Shopping)
amazon.windowshop (Amazon for Tablets)
eBay.mobile (eBay: Buy & Sell. Explore Discount Shopping Deals)
airbnb.android (Airbnb)
scores365 (365Scores: Sports Scores Live)

IoC of Attack

App Name: Flash Player
Package name: yqyJqWdtdf.UOaOrquyRDgLFgGueha
MD5: 29cf5cc309c2e29b6afd63eb5ab8fbd2
Size: 115 KB

A Few months back, A Banking trojan Dubbed as BankBot found in Google play store.


Important Note:
Adobe Flash player has been discontinued after Android 4.1 version as it’s available in the mobile browser itself. There is no official Adobe Flash Player available on the Google Play Store. Adobe had also announced that it will stop updating and distributing Flash player by the end of 2020 in all formats of a browser.

 Tips to stay safe from Android Banking Trojans

  • Avoid downloading apps from third-party app stores or links provided in SMS or emails.
  • Always keep ‘Unknown Sources’ disabled. Enabling this option allows installation of apps from unknown sources.
  • Most importantly, verify app permissions before installing any app even from official stores such as Google Play.
  • Install a reliable Anti-virus that can detect and block fake and malicious apps before they can infect your device.
  • Always keep your device OS and mobile security app up-to-date.

Credit: Gbhackers

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