Cyber Security Webinar by Harleen Kaur

Cyber Security Webinar by Harleen Kaur:

This Cyber Security webinar will share the information regarding significance of Cyber over Network security. Now a days the number of cyber threats growing in extensively.
Cyber Security
In Cyber-security Ventures Report on Cybercrimes projects that the cost of cyber threats will rise to $6 trillion annually by 2021. Its not just the number of cyber-security projects are increasing, the degree of these attack is on the rise as well.
Cyber-security is the subset of information security. It’s a practice of defending the data from unauthorized digital access, attack or damage by implementing various technical ways which involve layered defenses. There are various categories of threats faced by bank includes Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS), Malware Attacks, Social Engineering being the major concerns.
The webinar will include the mitigated controls placed in our network against various threat vectors & actions planned to maintain organization within appetite position and re-defining the Security strategies.
Key points of discussion
  • Understand importance of Cybersecurity
  • Upcoming threats
  • How to create awareness and secure apps/products
Who should attend

Engineers,Technical Leads,Architects,Technical Project Managers


Harleen Kaur

Director -Digital WorkplaceAmerican Express

18 years of experience as:
Technologist Assess technologies and design solutions to increase business agility and manage complexity. Defined enterprise technology strategies/solutions that reduce costs, improve efficiencies, support organizational goals and maximize the technology investment. Have always demonstrated extensive vision of IT Leadership with a track record for defining, building and optimizing best-in-class IT Infrastructure and operations

Catalyst Instigate Innovation through transformational change to business architecture, strategy, operations and technology. Championed global integration strategies and successfully managed teams across diverse cultures. Strategist- Partner with the business to align business and IT strategies and maximize the value of technology investments.

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Rakesh patil

Securityleaks founder and an aspiring entrepreneur who keeps a close eye on Cyber Security, Cyber Crime, and tech giants. His research and development have supported many Institutions & organizations in terms of IT Security and different countermeasures from various Cyber Attacks.

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