BlackArch Linux distros for Ethical Hacking

BlackArch an arch-derived Linux distribution used for security research and penetration testing , a lightweight and flexible distribution that tries to keep simple and flexible.It has a compatible rolling distribution which is more simple to use for pen testers, also  meaning that issuing an update command is all that is required to have the latest and greatest software on your machine.

More impressive

Best Impressive thing is that it is fully compatible with existing Arch Linux installs. Because of this, if you don’t like the default Black Arch setup, you can use any Arch Linux setup you prefer and add the Black Arch repo without fear of damaging your system. This can make a very clean, custom penetration testing environment.

As compared to tool listing Black Arch Linux has more supportive 1900+ more tools than Kali Linux as it is having 600+tools. For example, Armitage in Kali Linux takes a longer time to execute whereas in Black Arch tool it catches data packets faster.

Black Arch Is Great for Experienced Pen-testers

Black Arch is a great distribution choice for penetration testing if you are comfortable with Linux. Because Black Arch isn’t as polished as Kali Linux, I wouldn’t recommend this distribution to beginners. As a cohesive operating system, Black Arch may be a bit challenging at times. The toolset is enormous, which can be intimidating. Despite the tools all being categorized in the menu system, there’s still a lot to dig through, and some tools may require additional setup.

Kali Linus is best for beginners whereas for experienced Linux user, can go through a forward step to use Black arch Linux, which will more beneficial and usable for expertise.

Pro’s and Con’s of Black Arch Linux:


  • A lot of tools come out of the box.
  • Menus are accessed by right-clicking, and the menu system is called flux box.
  • Elegant Red theme. That can be changed with ease.
  • Doesn’t need a GPU to run, but requires for it’s GPU attacks (I can easily put this on my Dell Inspiron 600m).
  • Very very minimalist
  • Menus are easy to understand and organized very well.
  • Black Arch also get install as Black Arch repo to protect the system from getting damaged.


  • Not recommended for the new beginner.
  • Kind of difficult to get used to if you’re used to other distros.
  • It’s might take time to configure the various settings such as networking, users, etc.
  • Extensive knowledge of Linux is preferred.
  • Requires larger amount of memory.

As compared during installation Kali Linux is much easier to install but has to do configure & Updation for each tool version, whereas Black arch takes a longer time to install and also require a larger memory and all the tools of latest version get updated at the time of installation.

The platform used by Black arch Linux is Pacman. It also allows installing Black Arch repository.

Main Advantage

The added advantage of using Black arch might be the access to the bleeding edge or nightly updates more frequently. The latest updates will be available more quickly for everything from the kernel to several other packages and libraries.

The main aim of Arch Linux is “Keep it simple”, which maintains good approach towards their distribution. But this minimalism can make Arch difficult for newcomers.

It has dropped the support for 32-bit system architecture.

The announcement of this change says that “Following 9 months of depreciation period, support for the i686 architecture effectively ends today.”

As result of the change, the i686 package will be removed from black arch mirrors. In this case, users won’t be able to find 32-bit download images.

This step shouldn’t be surprising as increasing number of Linux distros are phasing out 32-bit support. Similarly, Ubuntu took the same decision.

Users can download Black Arch Linux from here.

Ashwini Gurne

Ashwini Gurne is a software developer and also a contributor for Security leaks. As a contributor, her aim is to work on latest technologies and to spread cyber awareness among general public.

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