Amazon’s Website Crashed As Soon As Prime Day Began

Amazon’s website has been experiencing issues for hours now due to heavy online traffic on Prime Day, the e-commerce giant’s made-up holiday designed to boost sales.

With the launch of Amazon Prime Day, many users are complaining about outages where they are unable to login to the site, getting errors that show dog images, or links just redirecting you back to the same page.

This is causing many people to jokingly detail all the savings they are receiving from Prime Day, simply because they are unable to buy anything.

Some users have reported being able to access product pages but not the homepage. Some are not experiencing issues at all, while others are seeing the company’s well-known “dogs of Amazon” page, which is the company’s placeholder art during full-blown outages that highlight well-known pets of Amazon employees.

Another common issue that appears to be popping up for the users that can get Amazon’s website to load is a never-ending loop between the homepage and an incomplete deals page. In that situation, clicking on the “Shop All Deals” button takes you from the homepage to another, a similar-looking page that prompts you to click the same button again, which will then take you back to the homepage. Another issue is users being able to load items into their shopping cart, but the shopping cart empties itself immediately.

In a statement released, Amazon acknowledged the issue for the first time, writing on Twitter that “many are shopping successfully” and noting that there are still 34 hours left for Prime Day deals. It appears the company’s website is now functioning normally for some users while Amazon works to resolve the issue, though many are still reporting issues with adding items to their carts, checkout, and just getting into the deals portal from Amazon’s homepage.

Credit: TheVerge

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